I’m really interested in holistic health, and eastern medicine. I was browsing books specifically on the topic of ayurvedic health and came across this one by Bri. Maya Tiwari and had to read it after reading the description of the book on the back cover.
I have type 1 diabetes and hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, so I am always on the look out for ways to be the healthy I possibly can.


Bri. Maya was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her early twenties, she went through all the treatments that were hard on her body only to find out that the cancer was not responding to the invasive treatments, and her doctors told her she had only 2 months to live. and suggested she take morphine to die as comfortably as she could. Instead of doing as the doctors suggested she quit her very successful job as a top fashion designer in New York City to go live in an isolated cabin and get back to her traditional Indian roots.

Bri shares how she beat her cancer and healed herself through hardcore meditation and nutrition as well as her spiritual healing.
She explains in detail how sound is healing, using singing bowls and chanting, how to eat for your dosha type, including a chart to find what dosha you are, recipe’s, chakras, journaling and all aspects of ayurvedic and traditional Indian medicine.

I found this to be a very informative and inspiring book. It’s a great read for novices as well as those with extensive knowledge in Eastern medicine. Do I think these practices will help keep me healthy? Yes. I absolutely do!


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