This is my favorite book about Native American Spirituality. Ed McGaa, Eagle Man is very, very thorough in his explanations. He goes into detail about the history of the Peace Pipe, the Sun Dance and other spiritual and healing ceremonies. He is passionate about his heritage and spirituality and teaching non-Native Americans the way of his people. He comes off as a very kind and caring person. I originally borrowed this book from the library and loved it so much I had to purchase it, I knew I was going to refer back to it many times.

I’ve always been interested in Native American Spirituality and medicine, this book is a great starting point for anyone new, and wanting to find out more, or doing research for a school project or even just for your own self.
I do have a story to share that made me even more interested in Native American healing.

A co-worker of mine had to take leave from work for many months, as she could not walk without the assistance of two canes. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, and neither did her doctors or the specialists she was sent to. She was given numerous tests to try find what was causing her to be unable to walk or be mobile. There were days when she would literally not be able to move at all and wasn’t sure when she was going if ever to return to work. She attended a Native American healing ceremony (more than one,i’m not sure how many), she now walks perfectly fine with absolutely no need of a cane, never mind the two she previously needed! She is back at work AND participates in the company’s annual soft ball game. She and her doctors still don’t know what the cause was, but it’s amazing to see her now from how she was!
It’s like one of those “miracle” healings you read about, it’s really awesome!



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