This book is AWFUL!!!!

Where do I start with this book review? My mind is literally spinning right now, so many things I want to say about this horrendous book I don’t know where to begin.

The book I am reviewing is called Medicine Woman by Lynn V. Andrews


There is so much wrong with this book AAHH!!!! This book is absolutely ridiculous I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Maybe both. The author describes this book as her autobiography, going to Crowley Manitoba to steal a marriage basket she thought she saw at an art opening in Los Angeles, but the art gallery people claim they have never heard of or seen such a photo by the photographer McKinnley. This marriage basket photo is not on record of ever being at the gallery. The author then starts having weird dreams and is sent off to Manitoba to see Cree Medicine Women who tell her she has to steal the marriage basket blah blah blah.

First off, I am from Manitoba. There is NO such place here in our province named Crowley. Also, my grandfather is Cree and follows the old ways. I don’t know of any Native Americans who would put all their faith in a rich Beverly Hills white woman to save their culture by having her steal a marriage basket….What?

Here’s just a few of the eyebrow raising things I read in this book (laugh, cry, bang your head against the wall, I don’t know)

The story starts with the author and a friend going to the art gallery and the author seeing the photo of a marriage basket, calling the art gallery to purchase it, the gallery saying they have no history of that photo ever being in their gallery. Then the author is at a dinner party at her friends Beverly Hills mansion, now this is where the really weird stuff happens, and I started questioning things. At the dinner party with a bunch of rich high society Hollywood types; movie producer, plastic surgeon, an actress, a Native American Indian. How random, right.

So the weird stuff. The guy hosting the dinner party at his mansion becomes belligerent and rude to the Native American man. There is no explanation as to why other than the host had too much to drink, but why does he single him out? Lynn Andrews doesn’t say in the book. So the Native American man gets up and walks over to the host sticks his hand in his stomach and pulls out the hosts ego. Then he sits back down in his seat like nothing happened and tells Lynn they can finally talk. It is like they are in a dream, everything is perfect now that the host lost his ego. The next morning the host tells Lynn his stomach hurts.  What do Lynn and the Native American man talk about? They talk about the marriage basket and he tells her she must go to Crowley Manitoba (ahem, there is no such place in MB) and speak to Agnes Whistling Elk.

She arrives in Manitoba, two silent native guys come out of nowhere as her tire blows on her car and they stand around her car watching her try to change her tire without speaking only laughing at her and not offering to help. After her tire is changed they ask her for a ride, she gives them a ride. WHY would you let two strange men in your car after they were laughing at you, personally I would have left them behind, not because they were jerks but because HELLO, two strange men in the middle of nowhere? NOPE!

Now she finds a cabin in the woods, takes off her clothes and gets into bed and goes to sleep, after finding an apple on the kitchen table and devouring it. I’m starting to wonder if I’m reading Goldie Locks and the three bears had a baby with Sleeping Beauty a retelling written by someone who just dropped a ton of acid. There’s more strange stuff she goes on about. The woman who lives in the cabin, Ruby shows up, is shaking Lynn and yelling at her to hurry up, and they go running off into the woods naked, then they come back to the cabin and slaughter a deer and eat the deer heart raw. And a bunch of other absurd stuff happens.

This book is a sick joke. At this point I decided to look up the author and found that her ex was interested in Native American culture and came up with the story for the book, after the two broke up he sued her but she paid him off so he’d go away, and he claims he is not allowed to talk about her or the book.

I was really disappointed in this book, it wasn’t at all what I was expecting it to be. I was expecting to read a true account of a spiritual journey of a woman who found herself or something meaningful. Maybe to Lynn Andrews it was, who am I to judge (although clearly I did). I believe in a lot of stuff, I read a lot on spirituality from all faiths, and I think it all to be beautiful. But I just can’t believe the claims in this book, it’s just a little to tutti fruitti, not to mention the inaccuracy of the Cree people, and the description of the province I live in was completely wrong. My point being, if you are going to write about someone’s religion and culture be respectful and do your research before you call it non-fiction.

Maybe Lynn Andrew’s boyfriend made up the story as he claimed, maybe he didn’t as she claims. Maybe this story happened in her reality, I don’t know. I just personally find it difficult to believe.




The Path of Practice: A Woman’s Book of Ayurvedic Healing

I’m really interested in holistic health, and eastern medicine. I was browsing books specifically on the topic of ayurvedic health and came across this one by Bri. Maya Tiwari and had to read it after reading the description of the book on the back cover.
I have type 1 diabetes and hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, so I am always on the look out for ways to be the healthy I possibly can.


Bri. Maya was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her early twenties, she went through all the treatments that were hard on her body only to find out that the cancer was not responding to the invasive treatments, and her doctors told her she had only 2 months to live. and suggested she take morphine to die as comfortably as she could. Instead of doing as the doctors suggested she quit her very successful job as a top fashion designer in New York City to go live in an isolated cabin and get back to her traditional Indian roots.

Bri shares how she beat her cancer and healed herself through hardcore meditation and nutrition as well as her spiritual healing.
She explains in detail how sound is healing, using singing bowls and chanting, how to eat for your dosha type, including a chart to find what dosha you are, recipe’s, chakras, journaling and all aspects of ayurvedic and traditional Indian medicine.

I found this to be a very informative and inspiring book. It’s a great read for novices as well as those with extensive knowledge in Eastern medicine. Do I think these practices will help keep me healthy? Yes. I absolutely do!

Mother Earth Spirituality and a Miracle Healing (true story)


This is my favorite book about Native American Spirituality. Ed McGaa, Eagle Man is very, very thorough in his explanations. He goes into detail about the history of the Peace Pipe, the Sun Dance and other spiritual and healing ceremonies. He is passionate about his heritage and spirituality and teaching non-Native Americans the way of his people. He comes off as a very kind and caring person. I originally borrowed this book from the library and loved it so much I had to purchase it, I knew I was going to refer back to it many times.

I’ve always been interested in Native American Spirituality and medicine, this book is a great starting point for anyone new, and wanting to find out more, or doing research for a school project or even just for your own self.
I do have a story to share that made me even more interested in Native American healing.

A co-worker of mine had to take leave from work for many months, as she could not walk without the assistance of two canes. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, and neither did her doctors or the specialists she was sent to. She was given numerous tests to try find what was causing her to be unable to walk or be mobile. There were days when she would literally not be able to move at all and wasn’t sure when she was going if ever to return to work. She attended a Native American healing ceremony (more than one,i’m not sure how many), she now walks perfectly fine with absolutely no need of a cane, never mind the two she previously needed! She is back at work AND participates in the company’s annual soft ball game. She and her doctors still don’t know what the cause was, but it’s amazing to see her now from how she was!
It’s like one of those “miracle” healings you read about, it’s really awesome!